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1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm


The 1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm is the watchdog of your house. It is the convenient way of keeping an ‘eye’ on your property more so that it is affordable. When it detects movement the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver from up to 100m/328ft away. Users love the 1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm because currently (at the time of this writing) it is the number one best seller at Amazon.com.

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Clearly it is on of the best home security alarm systems to buy in 2017. It has options to alert you to anything that disturbs it. You have the choice to be alerted by high or low alarm tone or it will silently make a flash of LED light. It is also expandable, it can be paired with up to 50 sensors to monitor a much larger area.

1byone Driveway Alarm Description

The wireless home security driveway alarm is answer to the home security problems. The 1byone driveway has an alarm system which provides a signal immediately to you the moment someone intrudes your property without any permission. What is included in the box;

  • 1 x PIR Transmitters
  • 2 x Receivers
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 5 x Wall Plugs
  • 5 x Screws

1byone Driveway Alarm Features

The Communication range of the device is almost up to 100m/328ft (which is the distance from the sensors to the receiver, alarm, chime) and the recognition range of the infrared sensor of approximately 5-8m/16-26ft which will keep you informed and protected.

The alarm which is in the receiver has a ring volume up to almost 100dB. You can have 3 mode choices (Sound/LED Flash/Sound and LED Flash) and 3 warning signal choices (High Volume Chime/Low Volume Chime/Alarm).

Some 1byone Driveway Alarm Technical Specifications

1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm Kit

  • Power Supply (Receiver): DC 6 V or 1.5 V C Battery x 3 (not included)
  • Power Supply (PIR Transmitter): DC 4.5 V (1.5 V AAA Battery x 3)
  • Motion detecting range: 5 – 8 m/16-26ft
  • Operating range: 100m/328ft
  • Ring Volume: ≥100dB (within 0.5 m/1.6ft)

When installing, refer to the accompanying 1byone wireless home security driveway alarm instructions because these products are meant to be DIY. Like Guardline GL2000, you do not need a professional to install it for you.

Why Should You Buy 1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm?

The Dependable Technology is worth the price range of the product. The sensor uses a state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) which has the ability to any kind of movement within the detection zone. The device is perfect for long or hidden driveways which allow a little extra warning to the intruders.

The device has the feature for expanding, so if there is more than one driveway or area you that is needed to be monitored, the system can be expanded with almost up to 50 additional sensors or multiple receivers. The device can utilize both 3 x 1.5V type C batteries and an AC power adapter which is not included and can be used for the receiver. At one time only one can be used or else there will be a risk of damage to the device.

The device includes a Sound and Flash Switch Button: Press this button for three options, working with sound and LED Flash. You can conveniently install the receiver with three 1.5 volts’ type ‘C’ alkaline batteries or just plug the receiver into the AC power adapter (OUS00-0278). You cannot mount the PIR sensor in direct sunlight (as moving heat sources would trigger the PIR) or in a place affected by wind. When installing outside, it’s best if its mounted in a, protected place with minimal changing temperatures.

1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm Video

Watch the following video to learn more. In the video you will learn 1byone wireless home security driveway alarm manual is such that it makes it easier for trouble shooting. The 1 by one alarm setup is also a breeze.

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Though it is very unlike that you will not be able to follow the 1byone wireless home security driveway alarm instructions, if you can’t the last resort will be to contact the 1byone support.

Final Verdict

The final verdict would be if you need an alarm with all the specifications that are needed this product would be the best in this range. The receiver can pair up almost up to 50 sensors, and effectively securing a large area. We offer many combinations of sensors and receivers, just choose what best fits according to the needs of the owner.

1 by one Driveway Alarm Reviews

Here are some of the reviews about this product.

I used it as a mail chime and it’s awesome! I love it! My house has a long driveway and I cannot see the mailbox from any window. I was considering to get the mail chime but it is a bit expensive in terms of price so I thought I will give motion detector a try as it’s cheaper. I had trouble using duct tape or Velcro tape because my mailbox is plastic and it just falls off. My husband used a nail to secure on the mailbox door and it worked like a charm! Just heard its chime 30 minutes ago then I went out and got my mail, it was amazing! No more walking out every hour to see if my mail is here…

Works very well , purchased for my elderly mom and set up at the end of her driveway about 300′ away. Line of sight is direct from sensor to receiver and I’m sure that helps. Sensitive enough to pick up crows/birds feeding nearby so false or inaccurate alarms occasionally sound. I purchased this second unit for my work place gatehouse as a gift. Guards seem happy not to have to swivel their heads all day looking for arriving or exiting cars.

Good motion sensor for cheap. Works great. Use it with a screen door i bought to warn us if somebody is approaching the open door. Only downside is it only has one sound it makes, four beeps.

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