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Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert 2500′ Kit


Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert 2500′ Kit is a must have if you want reliable security around your house especially in the driveway. This Dakota Alert driveway alarm is has a lot of useful features as a wireless motion detector/receiver kit. If you are looking for the best DIY home security systems for 2017 this is one choice you will not go wrong.

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The DCMA-2500 alarm kit has a 1/2 mile radio range. The motion detecting sensor operates on one 9-volt battery and it can detect any motion from a person or vehicle passing by to up to about 50 ft. The moment the motion detector detects a movement it will immediately a signal to the receiver up to 1/2 mile away. Depending on your terrain and line of sight the distance may be diminished.

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert 2500′ Kit (Green White) – Description

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500Motion sensors are new advanced security devices that have enhanced how individuals can monitor and keep their offices, homes, etc. safe properly. Though they are found cheaper and simpler than a lot of other usual security systems or devices, these motion sensors are more reliable to detect threats well. They also have complex systems that can monitor surroundings better in actual time and and triggers warnings early to the owners or security member to respond.

Here comes one Motion Alert System launched by Dakota. Its model number is DCMA-2500 and the features are given below.

DCMA-2500 Features And Specifications

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Drive Away Motion Alert comes in the dimension 6.75 x 8.25 x 8 inches and weight of the item is 1.7 pounds. The package consists of two items, a detector and a receiver. It has a range of up to 1/2 mile and has the ability to detect a vehicle or a person moving from about 50 ft away.

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The motion detecting sensor works on a 9 volt battery which is not included inside the package. It has quick and simple installation. The receiver has four zones ( Zone 1 , Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4) which plays up to four signals from four individual sensors. One of the items is white and the other one is green.

Why Buy The Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm Kit

As technology becomes progressively user approachable, many customers are opting to install security systems on their own instead of relying on professionals. Manufacturers, in turn, have been making security products that are effectively simple and very easy to use, but still provide the same level of protection.

While home based security cameras have always been a hot commodity, driveway alarms are becoming gradually common. Moreover, these systems sense people and vehicles that come into your driveway. Therefore DCMA-2500 is one such product which meets all the attributes required for a robust security alarm. It is a feature filled small device that helps you to be safe and alert even when you are at home. With the help of its detector and receiver the device has a considerable radio range.

It has strong sensor which can detect a motion at about 50 ft away. DCMA-2500 is very easy to set up. As long as you pay attention to the sensitivity ranges, you will certainly be able to get the whole thing working in a timely manner. Just consult the Dakota Alert dcma-2500 manual for instructions. It provides1/2-mile range sensitivity from base to sensor. The first step is to set these sensors anyplace within this range. A soon as they’re up and running, you can make modifications to the sensitivity setting until you’re not getting any wrong alarms.

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert 2500′ Kit Video Review

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Verdict On The Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm

For smaller housing or commercial properties, we recommend the Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert kit. This option is great for people who want a basic alarm system at a good price. It’s easy to use and has enough features to help people with basic needs to adapt it to their property.

Dakota Driveway Alarm Reviews

Amazon has a wealth of Dakota Alert 2500 reviews that you can learn from before you make a decision to purchase.

Very well functioning solution to let you know someone is approaching. Excellent performance in our private driveway. It detects cars and people and sends the signal 300 ft to the receiver in the house.

Long driveway – now we know when Amazon packages are arriving! easy to install, great range, works as designed.

Works great over long distance…

I was able to connect this to a home automation system to get alerts on my phone. Works great and the alarm is very loud but can be adjusted.

Works perfect. Love this – I live in a remote area and the distance from the gate to the house is almost 75 yds through trees. Works perfect. Love this. Just what I expected…

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