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Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector Alarm With Chime


This Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector Alarm/Chime is a camera that comes with a high motion detector alarm/chime. When comes to protection of your home it is an imperative thing to do to ensuring that the place you choose and the kinds of choices you make for the device and services are of high quality which can certify the safety of your family as well as valuables.

Inside the box – The box contains two sets of the camera which comes majorly in two range of colours which is the black and another is white depending on choice. Batteries are not included inside the box.

Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Features

  • Infrared technology – the device utilizes the infrared sensors which can detect any sort of motion and generate a very loud sound. The sound of alarm is almost at 100 db alarm which can be selected from either alarm or chime sound)
  • The wide coverage -the sensors of this detector can cover almost a wide are with 15 feet out from the unit, and approximately 60 degrees vertically and horizontally.
  • Easy installation w/ adjustable mount – the device allows anyone to easily position and mount the device wherever inside or outside the house, apartment, workplace, or the garage.
  • There is an adjustable swivel mount which allows rotation up to 270 degrees.
  • This surveillance is perfect for indoor & outdoor protection – this device ensures the safely and prevent young children, wandering the elderly, or your loving pets from passing through entrances and trails.
  • The weight of this device is almost a 6.4 ounces and dimension of a mere 3 x 1.2 x 4.2 inches which is very light weight and makes it easy for use.

Why Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector?

Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector is a perfect yet subtle way to protect your home from invasion. The sound produced by this alarm is much higher and it can be easily heard even from a great distance with a 100db sound.

The wide coverage and the sensors of this detector can easily cover a large area with not much of inconvenience so it’s quite an easy way for protection of a large house like a bungalow etc.

This device is easy to install therefore do not require any professional help.

It can be installed by anyone with any problem. When you care about your loved ones and ensure their protection this device is a help for those. The owners can now look at the safety of their loved ones and protect their valuable stuff from being invaded.

It can also be used inside the home for ensuring the protection of your child with the nanny, elderly people in your life, or the pets for whom you care about.

Final Verdict

The final verdict would be that if you need to protect your home, company and other places this device would be a perfect little addition to your home. This small and light device is user friendly and can be used by anyone without any inconvenience.

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