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Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm


If you want to secure your home, then Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm is one of the gadgets yo should consider using in you home security layout. This gadget will guard against any unwanted movement or vibration on your window. You simply stick it on any window that is likely to be used by any unwanted intruders.

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Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm Overview

Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm is the new range in security settings which is an affordable solution to every security problems within affordable range. Like a wireless home security driveway alarm, this small yet unique piece of gadget does wonders in protecting your home security without any sort of inconvenience.

Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Quick Features

  • Detects window vibration – instantly alerts you of a potential break in with loud 100 db alarm
  • Unique ultra-slim design – perfect for your home, office, garage, dorm room, or even rv
  • Vibration trigger technology – built-in vibration sensor perfectly tuned – will not go off in rain, wind, etc.
  • No false alarms
  • Easy installation – simply peel and stick, no tools needed. Warning sticker on backside deters theft
  • Includes 3 button cell batteries (LR44)

SE-0106-4PK Features in Detail

This Doberman security alarm comes at a much convenient size with just 2.8 x 0.3 x 2.8 inches’ size and has a minimal weight of 0.3 ounces. With such a small size this product is quite handy to use and would protect your home from every threat that comes its way.

It has a potential window vibration detection feature which would instantly alerts you a potent ion theft and break. The sound comes at 100 dB which is audible enough to alert the owners. This security alarm has a very unique ultra slim design which is a perfect gadget for your home, office garage dorm room or even if it has to be kept at RV.

This beast has an amazing vibration trigger technology which has a built-in vibration sensor perfectly tuned which will not go off during any wind, rain. This security alarm does not give any false alarm so does not cause any kind of disturbances.

It has an easy installation procedure you just need to simply peel and stick without any much of extra work. There is a warning sticker on the backside of the alarm which has the ability to prevent theft.

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Doberman Security Window Alarm

An intelligent security alarm is that which prevents any kind of theft with less possible inconvenience. This Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm is a smart way of protecting your home and at an affordable price of under $35.00. The box comes with 4 alarms thus can be quite appropriate to be used.

The ultra slim look makes it unique for use with a little classic touch. The sensors are extra sensitive and a little amount of vibration would trigger it to protect you from near future danger of theft or any kind of attack. This alarm can be used during rains or wind without activating the alarm to gives off any kind false alarms or damaging the product.

If you want to be protected at your home from any kind of disturbance without spending a huge amount, there’s a lot to like about the useful product. The alarm comes with 3 button cell batteries (LR44) inside the box thus the alarm could be used for a longer stretch.

This alarm does not require any kind of tools or professional help and can be installed by anyone. You can order from amazon now and find out some of the shades of color like white, silver and grey etc.

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Doberman Window Alarm Reviews

One of the Doberman security reviews…

“Love these window alarms!! My 2 year old pounding on the window will set it off, he was our test to see if they worked 😉 They also alarm when the window is closed, so they are very sensitive to any vibration of the window. But they come with an on/off switch, which saves the battery life, and since we only arm them at bedtime we don’t have to worry about accidental alarms going off all the time.”

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Final Verdict on Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK

This security alarm would be a perfect investment for your home to protect you and your family members. For the price this is an exceptional layer of safety to have.

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