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Fortress Security Store (TM) Motion Detector Sensor


Fortress Security Store (TM) with Motion Detector Sensor for S02/GSM DIY Home and Business Security Systems – The sky’s the edge when it comes to brilliant home and business security system from Fortress Security, who sells its product on their online store or on Amazon. The device can easily work for students, or shift workers, etc. Just activate the particular motion sensor and it can be easy for you to go out without worrying.

Fortress Security Store (TM) Motion Detector Sensor Features

Product Dimensions:5.2 x 3.1 x 1.8 inches
Item Weight:5.6 ounces
Some of the key features of the device is:
• The sound of alarm ranges from almost a 120dB siren
• The system shows a strobe light
• The device can easily be activated by pulling the pin

The Motion detector has the feature to sense any movement like that of people, animals, or other objects in a room thus ensuring the safety of your friends and family. The mere interrupted beam can instantly trigger a signal to the main system.

The device works totally wirelessly and does not require to be wired to the control centre.

The Easy Installation is the best part- with battery and all mounting hardware is included as a Pre-programmed system and the device would be ready to use by anyone.

The system start detects movement which occurs up to 20 ft. away with a radius almost a of 120 ft.
Monitoring activity in a room is important if a burglar even manages to evade the basic trigger points of the window and door.

If the beam with the motion detector sends out is broken up, a warning alert will be sent directly to the main control system, which would trigger the alarm. The notification of such an intrusion will be sent by SMS or a system automated recorded message to any the phone number which would be connected with the device.

Why this Fortress Security Store (TM) Motion Detector Sensor for S02/GSM DIY Home and Business Security Systems?

The product gives a 3-year warranty on their security equipment and an additional 45-day equipment return policy. The product lets you Install all security systems yourself (DIY) method so need of professional help. Any Live technical support and videos will help you to install and program particular home security system.

You can visit their official page for Coupons/discounts which are offered regularly on their site and newsletter. It’s also easy to purchase new and additional accessories to customize your alarm system. There is no contract and no monthly fee required which is because of lack of monitoring service.

Now with Fortress, you will easily be able to receive call and notification and even text alerts when you choose a self-monitor method.

Final Verdict

The final verdict would be that this device has the best potential to be the product that you would need for all your home or business security purpose. Now even from far away you can ensure the safety of your friends and family at an affordable price.

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