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Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar


Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar – All homeowners need security which is important. It’s a painful experience if you came home into or wake up one morning and find everything in the house gone. Well, there are a lot of ways to enhance security in your premise, and one of these is using security bars.

It is Specially designed to increase security in your house, these items stops thieves from getting access into your home. They make thieves and other ill-minded people think twice before crashing into your house…

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One of the security bar launched by Master Lock is 265DCCSEN which has a dual function. The features of the security bar are given below.

Master Lock 265DCCSEN Features And Specification

Master Lock 265DCCSEN comes in the dimension of 42 x 3.6 x 2.5 inches and the item weight is 42.4 pounds.

It has dual function door security both for hinged and sliding doors. The Dual Function Security Bar is made of thick, it consists of 20-gauge steel for strength.

By seeing Master Lock’s status for security and sturdiness, the bar can endure over 350 pounds of force. The pivoting ball joints guarantee full contact with the floor and makes sure that there r none of the scratches.

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Whether you use the Security Bar for sliding-door or hinged-door applications, then its certain that the bar’s design features are enhanced to keep you and your family safe.

For hinged doors, the bar has a pivoting ball joint that keeps it in full contact with the floor, providing a more firm and secure connection.

If you want to secure a sliding door, the just simply turn the bar on its side, eradicate the yoke by pulling out the pin, and adjust the bar to the length of your door.

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Why Use Master Lock?

Master Lock is much acquainted around the world as the hard, sturdy name in bolts and security products. Cohorts have grown up seeing Master Lock products at home, school, and work. Now, a whole new generation has revealed Master Lock’s new and advanced security solutions.

Now they have come up with the product which is very easy to use. It is highly durable and meets up what you require.

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The Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar helps you to provide your premises with an extra measure of security by supporting doors from outside intruders.

As you know Master Lock’s well-known sturdiness, the Security Bar is also constructed in such a way which has the capacity to withstand more than 350 pounds of force, guaranteeing that your doors remain firmly shut. With a malleable and variable design, the bar fits most hinged and sliding doors.

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Final Verdict

Protect your home and family with these top superiority security bars on Amazon. Made of strong materials that can withstand great force, these bars are safe and burglars have no chance against them. Most of them are adaptable so they can effectively strengthen any door. The product comes in the price of $17.35 which is very much affordable. So hurry till the stock ends!

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