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Simplisafe Extra Entry Sensor


Simplisafe Extra Entry Sensor is a motion sensing device that ensures entry Sensors protect doors and windows that may be easily accessible to any kind of intruders. When you start deciding how to protect your entire house the major thing that comes in your mind is that how many windows or doors are there in the house. The device helps you give you an added sense of security and leave almost a minimal chance of a theft being undetected.

Simplisafe Extra Entry Sensor Features

The small device is of a size: 1 x 1 x 2 inches and has an item Weight:2.4 ounces. You should consider adding a sensor to these entrances.

A Motion Sensor will reduce the need for any Entry Sensor at every entry point.

The device is way too small to be noticed by the intruders so it’s much better for protecting the doors and windows of your home.

The device has an adhesive strip which is mounted on the back which can stick anywhere.

There is a magnet which is linked to the device and an additional guideline which can help in the replacement of the magnet if some problem occurs.

A single manual is given (maybe 20 pp) which contains all of the instructions which is needed to install the device. The device can easily detect motion within your 30 feet.

The sensor has a “field of vision” of almost 90 degrees which gives you a full range of coverage when placed on a window or door.

Why this Simplisafe Extra Entry Sensor?

The Ground floor has the most entry points which is why they are typically the most vulnerable in a home and should usually be protected at all point of time.

Whereas if we consider the above floors those entry points are generally less susceptible to theft than a ground floor window, but there are another way intruders may enter your home from every point of entry.

The magnet goes on the door or window, and the sensor goes on the edge (or vice versa). The Magnet can easily be placed almost up to 2 inches from the sensor, so all the sensors fit on all the different types of doors and windows.

The Simplisafe sensors come with the battery which is installed from before and an adhesive tape which can easily be applied making an installation an instant process.

Motion sensors can work best when they are able to cover the widest possible area and this Some detectors can cover between wide range and so it’s best to place them where they have an unhindered view of the room.

Final verdict On Simplisafe Extra Entry Sensor

My final verdict would be that this extra entry sensor works like a charm when you consider all the possible aspects of theft that may occur in your home. This product would be one of the best thing that you can get at such an affordable price of $26.59 without any sort of inconvenience. When it comes to protecting of your family all these investments are worth the money spent.

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