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SimpliSafe MS1 Extra Motion Sensor


Motion sensor alarms are generally used in homes or office premises as a security safety device. As the name says it, an alarm is set to turn on, when the device detects the presence of anyone, it can be human or animal in the range of the device, where they shouldn’t be or a premise which is personal.

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The movement or gesture of the trespasser is detected by the device and the signal is transported to the alarm section for cautioning the concerned person about the danger.

The Extra motion alert system by SimpliSafe is ideal for huge living rooms where conventional alarm systems may not be useful. This device is beneficial to monitor and sense movement in every angle of a big area. This motion sensor detects movement up to 30 feet away and easily stands in discreet, out of the way areas.

It has a 90-degree detection area which confirms you more exposure and is seamless for monitoring large living room, playrooms or hallways. The device is also weather resistant which makes it perfect for outside areas like courtyards and entrances.

Simplisafe has come up with a model MS1 Extra Motion Sensor which has many good attributes and the features are given below.

SimpleSafe MS1 Extra Motion Sensor Features And Specification

SimpleSafe MS1 Extra Motion Sensor comes in the dimension of 6.1 x 2.6 x 1.9 inches. The weight of this product is 0.3 ounces and its shipping weight is also 0.3 ounces.

SimpleSafe has a Full Room Coverage and Senses motion within 30 feet. The Motion device has a “field of vision” of 90 degrees. When the device is placed in a corner it gives you a full range of exposure.

You just have to Set the sensor to be active only in “away” mode so that you won’t alert it when you’re at near or you can set both “home” and “away” modes specifically for rooms that you want protected with a motion sensor while you’re or away from home.

Why Use SimpleSafe MS1 Extra Motion Sensor?

Click Here To Buy SimpliSafe MS1 Extra Motion Sensor

SimpleSafe is one of the product which covers most of the features required by you. Its smart technology makes it unique from others. This device has smart technology that dogs or cats under 50 lbs won’t activate the alarm. This product is designed in such a way that the sensor becomes less sensitive to motion which are close to the ground.

SimpleSafe MS1 extra Motion Sensor comes with an easy and flexible Installation. The sensor is shaped in such a way that you can make it to stand on a shelf, attach it to the wall, or fit in a corner for maximum room exposure. This product comes with hassle free installation which makes it a good product.

Final Verdict

This SimpleSafe MS1 Extra Motion Sensor comes in $46.99 which is affordable and is absolutely perfect for people who wants an easy, hassle-free and has all the attributes which makes it a perfect motion sensor. So, hurry till the stock ends!

Click Here To Buy SimpliSafe MS1 Extra Motion Sensor

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