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WJLING Home Security Alarm


WJLING Home Security Alarm, Wireless Driveway Alert: Infrared Motion Sensor Chime with 1 Receiver and 1 Sensor -38 Chime Tunes – LED Indicators – Worried about someone unexpected to enter your driveway. Worry not! Because WJLING has come up with a home security camera which has driveway alert. It has various LED indicators making you cautious about someone unknown.

This easy to use and set up product comes with wireless Infrared Motion Sensor Door Bell Alarm making you alert. Here comes some of the features about the product.

Things you will receive after purchasing:
1 x PIR Sensor (Uses 3 AAA, not included)
1 x Receiver 
2 x Mounting Accessories (needs 1 or 2 screws, not included)

WJLING Home Security Alarm Features And Specification

WJLING Home security alarm comes in the dimension of 4 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches. The item weight and the shipping weight is same and it is 4.8 ounces. The device consist of 38 Ringtones from where yo can chose with LED bright light. The sensor is wall mountable.

The working range of this home security alarm is 328 feet which is about 100 meters between the receiver and the transmitter.

WJLING Home Security Alarm includes 1 plug-in receiver unit and 1 motion sensors demanding 3x AAA batteries which is not included in the package. The Receiver size is 3.14” L x 2.99” W x 1.29” H (80 x 76 x 33mm) and the Sensor Size is 3.14” L x 2.32” W x 1.77” H (80 x 59 x 45mm).

Some other technical Specifications are as follows:
• Working Voltage of the Receiver:110V-240V
• Working Voltage of the PIR Sensor:4.5V(3 AAA batteries)
• Working Range: Up to 328 feet (100 meters)
• Infrared Sensing Range: Up to 23 feet (7 meters)
• Receiver Size: 3.14” L x 2.99” W x 1.29” H (80 x 76 x 33mm)
• Sensor Size: 3.14” L x 2.32” W x 1.77” H (80 x 59 x 45mm)
• Packaging Weight: 7.76 ounces (.22kgs)
• Receiver Switch Settings:
 Music source: 38 different songs
 Volume Adjustment: high, middle, low

Why Use This Home Security Alarm?

WJLING Home Security Alarm is of the best when you need Home security alarm. It Alerts Whenever Anyone Comes Up. This device is very easy for its usage and set up , it has wireless Infrared Motion Sensor Door Bell Alarm making you alert about someone.

Some of the best features why you should use this home security alarm It Comprises of wireless battery operated sensor and plug in receiver.

The WJLING Home Security Alarm alerts you whenever someone enters your driveway walking path, doorway or business, such as intruders, animals or kids coming or going home.

Moreover you can Use it to monitor any area inside or outside, its wireless so you can place it wherever in the house or even you can take it from room  to room.

Final Verdict

The WJING Home Security alarm come in just $18.99. With all of the picks available in terms of size, application, cost and features, you are sure to find this one best!


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